Creating Value in the Education Sector, Acky Kamdar.

Why should private capital invest in education when online free education could spell doom for the current high fees charging education institutes? We believe the education sector is going through a major disruption, and private capital has a huge role to play to help in its transformation – only if we take a long term and a broader view. Education Sector will attract private capital, and professional management talent at a much higher rate in the coming decade to bring change and innovation through creative use of technology. Government regulations and bueracracy could hold up the pace of change and choke the returns. International education play holds promise to bring scale and viability to many of the new ventures and overcome the challenges posed by the current market structures. However, the returns will be uncertain in the short term. It is a long play. Please read the latest paper that debates on this topic – Creating Value in the Education Sector – Acky Kamdar