Acky Kamdar

General Partner


Acky  has helped build businesses ground up. He launched the Capital Markets practice which became the  growth engine for Headstrong. Prior to that he worked at TechSpan, Compaq and HCL.

Over the past decade, Acky has helped build long lasting relationships with top  tier accounts in New York and London in the Capital Markets industry. He has played a leadership role in developing industry leading offerings in Client Onboarding/KYC, Enterprise Data management, Post-trade services, Regulatory Compliance/Reporting, Collateral Management, and Liquidity Risks Management. Most recently, Acky led the launch of an Industry Utility that provides KYC services to Institutional Markets in partnership  with HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Markit.

Acky did his Executive MBA from the Stern School of Business, New York University. He graduated from Mumbai University where he did an undergraduate degree in Accountancy and Finance followed by  a Masters in Management Studies (MMS).