Adarsh Mehra

General Partner and CFO


Adarsh has played a leadership role in Finance for several companies as they have started and grown. This has included raising equity and debt, acquiring and divesting companies and creating industrial strength MIS systems.  Many of these businesses have been global from the very inception and he brings a keen understanding of the financial practices in various countries and the cross border complexities of running a global business.

He has played this role at Headstrong, TechSpan, Trigyn, HCL America, HCL James Martin. In addition to this, he has been part of the leadership team.

Adarsh earned an undergraduate degree in Accounting and Commerce and a Chartered Accountant degree (the highest accounting degree in India) from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He has also participated in the executive management development program at Xavier Labor Relations Institute (XLRI) in India.